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TFGaming – Top Esports Betting Bookmaker

TFGaming is regarded as the leading platform provider of esports in Asia. It is certified by gaming labs. The company is developed by teams of vastly experienced bookmakers and dedicated Esports developers. Their goal is to provide a convenient and unique Esports platform for users, that will cover both minor and major Esports events all around the world.

The company primarily focuses on offering speedy settlement and unbeatable odds where the clients may expect a transparent and immediate cash-out process. The clients can place wagers and watch games with TFgaming on the in-play events that are live on their favorite Esports games of them. The strength lies in the extensive choices of the markets of Esports, vastly skilled and experienced Esports traders, double betting speed, stable and fast system, supports tablets, mobile phones, and PCs, and industry-leading betting experience. The popular multiplayer Esports games that are massively famous include StarCraft, league of legends, rocket league, the arena of valor, counterstrike, Dota 2, overwatch, call of duty, and so on.


A total of 10 games are under the starcraft series. The first one was released in the year 1998 and was called starcraft: retribution, brood war, and insurrection 1998. In 2000, there was starcraft 64. Starcraft 2 was released in 2010 & the subparts were continued till 2016. The variant named starcraft remastered was released in 2017. Another variant named starcraft ghost was also there.

This game redefined the genre of real-time strategy. Protoss, zerg, or Terran, the galaxy will be yours to conquer. The gameplay is simple and you can play it just the way you want. Through a campaign of an epic story, collaborative co-op missions, and best-in-class multiplayer competition, try experiencing intergalactic warfare.

League of legends

This falls under the genre of team-based strategy games. Here, 2 teams of 5 powerful champions war against each other to destroy the base of the other team. Choose from the champions of more than 140 to make secure kills, Epic plays & take down towers while battling the way of yours to victory.

The heart of the bases of both teams is the Nexus. The players will need to destroy the Nexus of the enemy first for winning the game. The Nexus is a place where minions spawn. There is the fountain behind your Nexus of yours. Here you can quickly and swiftly replenish Mana and health & access the shop. The Nexus of the enemy looks just like yours. It is located in the base of the enemy team. Destroying the Nexus of the enemy can make your team win the game.

Call of duty

This is a video game franchise in a first-person shooter that is published by Activision. It started first in 2003 & it focused on games that are set in the Era of the second World war. Over time, this series has seen various games that are set in the backdrop of outer space, futuristic worlds, and the cold war. The games were 1st developed by the company named infinity ward. Next, it was taken over by Treyarch & sledgehammer games.

Numerous handheld and spin-off games were developed by other makers. The most recent name that is Vanguard, was released the previous year, on November 5. Modern warfare II, which is the next title, is going to be released this year itself, on October 28.

The version named finest hour is the console installment of the real game. It was released on devices like Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Gamecube. The Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions of this game include a mode called online multiplayer that supports up to almost 32 players. This also includes new game modes.

Rocket League

This is a soccer video game that was published and developed by Psyonix. This game was 1st released for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows in the year 2015, in July. Later it released another version where there were ports for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. In the year 2016 in June, 505 games started distributing a version of the game that was physical retail for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Warner Bros entertainment took over those duties in the latter part of the year 2017. In the year 2016, versions of Linux and macOS were also released. But support for their online services of them dropped in the year 2020. In September of the same year, the game became free to play.

Described as soccer with rocket-powered cars, this game of rocket league has got up to 8 players who are assigned to each of the 2 teams that are formed. Rocket-powered vehicles are used for hitting a ball into the goal of their opponent & score points in the match. This game includes multiplayer and single-player modes. It can be played online and locally, including cross-platform play among all versions. New updates to the game introduced the ability for adding new game modes and modifying core rules. Basketball and ice hockey are the two options on which the new game modes are based.

Arena of Valor

This is an epic 5v5 multiplayer game in the online mode that was developed by the company called timi studio group. Here you can master powerful and unique heroes like Batman as you team up with friends.

The game was formerly called the strike of kings. It is regarded as an international adaptation of the game called honor of kings. The game was published by the company called level infinite for Nintendo Switch, IOS, and Android for markets that are outside mainland China. The game earned more than 140 million US dollars outside China in the year 2018 in September. It was one of the 6 Esports video games that were featured at the Southeast Asian games in 2019, the Asian games of 2018, the Asian Indoor & martial arts games of 2021 & sea games of 2021 as part of a competitive sport. The game was published by Actor SG, DeNA, and Garena in other regions.