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SpadeGaming Slots 2022

Top Spadegaming Online Slots Of 2022

1. Fishing War

Humans started to explore the ocean at a significant level, which pushed the marine creatures to an edge where their territories were violated. They made a decision to fight back against the humans. At first, it was just resistance against human exploration, but it now turned out to be a full-scale war.

As the player, you have to help humanity to win this war and survive. You will be given a single and double-blaster cannon, which you have to use to fight these marine creatures. There is also a special move called lightning slash which takes out a group of the enemy in an instant, but it will have its own toll.

Fishing War is a medium volatile game with an RTP of 96.5. It was released recently in August 2022 and is the top game of the year for Spadegaming.

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Spadegaming Slots Fishing War
Fishing War – SpadeGaming Slots 2022

2. Fiery Sevens

If you are a fan of classic 5 reels and 5 payline slot games, Fiery Sevens is the right choice for you. It uses vintage fruits that are so attractive and treat to the eyes. These fruit symbols will burn to produce exciting rewards.

It also has an eternal bell symbol that can’t be destroyed. It also utilizes the ace of classical slot games, which is 7. It is a festive treat for classic slot game players.

The game is a highly volatile slot game with 97 RTP. It will be released on 17 July 2022 and is compatible with all four major platforms. The game is available in seven different languages.

Fiery Sevens

3. Mayan Gems

Mayans had the most astonishing civilization that had great architecture that even modern-day architects have no idea how they did such wonders. There is a legend that says that aliens or advanced creatures from other planets have visited the earth and helped human civilization to build those amusements.

The Mayan Gems slot game will allow you to travel back in time and meet the extraordinary Mayan civilization and see their wonders while you make rewards and cash prizes playing the game.

The game is a classic 3 reels 5 payline online slot game, which is medium volatile and has 97.15 RTP. The player will also get additional multipliers which multiply the bonuses you receive if you play the multiplier reel. The Mayan Gems allow you to win huge rewards.

4. Crazy Bomber

There is a remote island that has not been in contact with the outside world. One day, an army of pesky monsters decided to attack the bomber island. The last line of defense has fallen that had to protect the island. There is only one hope for the island to survive. Crazy Bomber is the only hero left who has outstanding qualities.

Join Crazy Bomber and protect Bomber Island from the monsters. The game is an extremely low volatile slot game with 93.36 RTP. It is a classic 5×5 slot game but can be expandable up to 8×8. If you win consecutively, it will add a new row to the right side until the slot has become 8 reel and 8 payline slot game.

When it exceeds the 5×5 slot, for each new reel and payline, WILD symbols will appear, which will multiply your payout multiple times. The best part is that the coins from Crazy Bomber will give your additional bonuses up to 200x.

5. Joker’s Treasure

The court jester, also called the joker is responsible for entertaining the king, for which he will get prizes as rewards. But this joker also has a responsibility of carrying the king’s secrets which allows him to learn more about the king’s endless riches.

Despite having unrestricted access to the king’s treasures, he decided to give up his role as a court jester and became a comedian. Those who win his games will be rewarded with the king’s treasures. Are you ready for the task and getting the riches for yourself?

It’s a classic 5 reel 5 payline slot game with medium volatility and 96.51 RTP. There is a chance of you winning the joker’s treasure which will multiply your winning by x25000. This is the right Spadegaming game if you want to stake low and get home with the jackpot.

Sg Slots Joker Treasure

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