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If you are a lover of online casino games then surely you have heard about Pragmatic Play. Surely, they do not need any introduction. Pragmatic Play happens to be the leading content provider for the regulated market in the betting and iGaming industry. They always try to provide innovative, evocative, and engaging gaming experiences to customers all across the world. Their varied range of products such as live casino, slots, visual sports, sports betting, and bingo is very popular and this makes Pragmatic Play – the fastest growing iGaming provider.

Comprehensive strategy

They always design their games with a lot of care making the best use of modern technology. It is sure to bring the perfect player experience no matter whether you are using a desktop or a mobile. Each of their games is sure to bring excitement, immersion, and responsible thrills to the players. And this gaming experience is not only enjoyed by the players alone but the operators too enjoy putting across all these games to the players, as much as the players love playing them.
The brand value of Pragmatic Play has been able to develop due to its reliability, the ability to customize the games as per the needs of the operator, and also for having long track record of the fastest delivery as well. Many online casino integrated Pragmatic Play into their betting platform to offer players great selections of games.

List of Best Pragmatic Play Casinos in Singapore

What makes Pragmatic Play so Special?

Without a doubt, Pragmatic Play has been one of the fastest growing company with a lot of promotion / event. They have more than two hundred employees and engineers who are constantly working together to develop the best games possible. This intensity of dedication has brought them more than five hundred online gaming experiences. For the purpose of marketing and retention, they do a lot of promotions/events. They have brought out a system that provides bonuses, promotions, and messaging facilities. In addition to that, they also have campaigns and advanced dynamic segmentation along with VIP systems and loyalty programs.

Core focus of Pragmatic Play Casino

Since the year 2014, Pragmatic Play prime focus has always been on developing an open API-based platform that shall provide scalability, stability, and flexibility as well. They have built this gaming and betting platform with a modular approach. Their core single focus has been the backbone of their success and this is something that sets them apart from their competitors. They always ensured on providing the high-quality core product having faster delivery timelines to their clients.

Live Casino, Slot Games, Virtual Sports, Sportsbook

Amongst all the games Pragmatic Play have in their portfolio to provide, the core offering has been casino games. They take pride in the fact that you shall never find a game anywhere else that their portfolio has between 150 slot and table games. They develop their games in a way that gives a completely immersive experience to their players. In addition to that, they even developed customized games having special themes, upon request. While playing these games you are sure to win jackpots and free round bonuses which have a very lucrative deal.

The Benefits They Provide

The game manager is the prime center of Pragmatic Play collection of games. Making easy use of the interface, helps them to provide some of the best features that many other game providers fail to deliver. It gives them the ability to configure games, bonuses, free rounds, and many other relevant features. Having the support of the reporting too they are able to gather comprehensive reports about players, sessions, games, bets or wins, history, and return-to-player features as well. it allows the users to easily slice and dice reports which are determined on the basis of their geography, time, currency, games, and many other factors.

Pragmatic Play have already invested in sportsbook games from various markets across the world. And this indeed has led them to provide a much better betting experience to players all across the world. Due to the success of this move, they have been able to double their live casino offering by enhancing its speed baccarat and baccarat games. The suppliers have loved this move and have shown more interest in purchases further, as demands from the gamers kept flowing in.

The List of Advantages that Pragmatic Play Brings to the Table

  1. Through the support of a single API you are able to get live casino, slots, bingo, and much more games
  2. Pragmatic Play is licensed and certified across thirteen regulated markets which include Malta, the UK, Gibraltar, and Sweden
  3. The games they develop are compatible with both computers and smartphones. In addition to that, you can get the games in thirty-one languages and in major currencies as well
  4. They have won a number of awards including being recognized at the EGR B2B awards in 2018
  5. They have multi-award winning slots. In which, Wolf Gold holds a portfolio of more than a hundred proprietary slots
  6. All their games have been designed in a way to entertain the players and also to keep them engaged in extended sessions of play

Certainly, Pragmatic Play’s passion for providing premium entertainment is unrivaled. They are one such industry in this business that always strives to provide the most evocative and engaging experience to their customers on all the games they have on offer. Time is money for them and this is why they guarantee a fast and efficient delivery along with having a quality output. They even ensure the securely storing of the data and protect it across the servers as well. Their customer data is only available to each of its respective customers and no one else.

Slots, Live Casino, Bingo, Sportsbook, and Virtual Sports – ALL via ONE(1) API by Pragmatic Play

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