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One of the greatest sporting events on earth is undoubtedly the FIFA World Cup, and this sporting event is nearing closer. There has been an increase in the level of excitement not only amongst the fans and the football enthusiasts but also among the professionals as well. A lot of debates have been going around about the different teams and their star players. The camera is focused on a few debutant players and also on the star players who shall be playing their last world cup tournament. Amidst all these, there is betting going around too about the favorite teams and also on the star players. As it is inching closer, let us also look at a few aspects of this FIFA World Cup tournament.

When & Where is The 2022 FIFA World Cup Taking Place?

The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held in Qatar this time. The tournament is scheduled to begin on November 20, 2022, and it shall continue till December 18, 2022.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Tournament Structure

This is the last time that a total of 32 teams shall be participating in the FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar. From the next edition of the World Cup, there will be a total of 48 teams playing. The 32 teams shall be divided into 8 groups falling under four nations. From these, each group only the top two teams shall go to the knockout stages. After the knockout stages shall be the round of 16 followed by quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the final. There shall also be a match played between the losing teams in the semi-finals for the third place. All the matches shall be played in a total of eight stadiums in Qatar

World Cup Qatar 2022 Group Draw

Group AA1: QatarA2: EcuadorA3: SenegalA4: Netherlands
Group BB1: EnglandB2: IranB3: USAB4: Wales
Group CC1: ArgentineC2: Saudi ArabiaC3: MexicoC4: Poland
Group DD1: FranceD2: AustraliaD3: DenmarkD4: Tunisia
Group EE1: SpainE2: Costa RicaE3: GermanyE4: Japan
Group FF1: BelgiumF2: CanadaF3: MoroccoF4: Croatia
Group GG1: BrazilG2: SerbiaG3: SwitzerlandG4: Cameroon
Group HH1: PortugalH2: GhanaH3: UruguayH4: South Korea

Where to Place Your World Cup Bets

To celebrate the countdown to one of the most exciting major football events, many SG casinos are offering World Cup promotions, even though the tournament will begin on November 20. If you’re interested in finding out the most suitable 2022 World Cup betting sites in Singapore to bet on, you can check out the list below. You will find a number of offers from top bookmakers for all bettors interested in the World Cup.


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FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule (Key Dates)

  • World Cup 2022 draw: April 2022
  • Inter-confederation play-offs: June 2022
  • World Cup Opening Ceremony & first group game: 20 November 2022
  • Round of 16 begins: 3 December 2022
  • Quarter-finals begin: 9 December 2022
  • Semi-finals begin: 13 December 2022
  • Third place match: 17 December 2022
  • Final: 18 December 2022

Kick-off times for the first 2 rounds of the group match are 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, and 22:00, and the final round and knockout round matches are at 18:00 and 22:00. The match for third place will be held at Khalifa International Stadium on December 17, 2022, and the last match will be held at the Lusail Iconic Stadium on December 18, 2022.

FIFA World Cup Betting Options

The FIFA World Cup being a globally watched tournament brings in scope for betting from various registered sports centers. Here as a member, you can register yourself and then draw the coupon and place your bet on the probable favorites you think have a higher probability of winning the tournament. By now the performance of the favorite clubs and their star players in the domestic and the European soccer leagues has given a good overview of what to expect from them in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. There shall be multiple varieties of new betting options for the people to participate in. It shall provide the names of the star performers and their highlighted moments in Qatar. 

World Cup Moneyline

There shall be two moneyline options one for the favorite team and the other for the underdog. Here all you have to decide is the probable winner.

World Cup Spread Betting

This is the choice of betting that is more applied during professional sporting events. In soccer, this is known by a different name. It is called the goal line bets. Since soccer is a low-scoring game, the spreads are not too high here.

Totals Betting

This type of betting is very similar to any other sports betting. This betting is done based on combining the total score of both the playing teams if it is higher or lower than the one set by the bookmaker.

Today’s Football Match Tips for 2022 World Cup Betting

In order to be able to predict more accurately about the World Cup Qatar 2022 tournaments, there is a few things that you need to follow closely before you place the bet. Although it may never guarantee you success as soccer includes FIFA World Cup is a highly unpredictable game but you surely can increase your probability of winning.

Study well the form of the two playing teams

This means you must know well about their previous few match results in FIFA World Cup and understand how easily they won or under which circumstances the match went out of their favor. Watch their lineup and know well who their star players are. Studying statistics learn the number of shots converted to goals, the free kicks, fouls, corners, and other such details.

Know the form of the key players

Each team heavily relies on some key performers. Know the key players of the teams and their previous few performances. Know about their contributions in the previous matches such as how many goals they scored, how many missed, and if they are having any lingering injuries as well from the previous matches.

Team tactics

The tactics used by the coaches that lead to the winning of the team during the crucial moment are very important to analyze. What are the ways by which one team dominated over the other also needed to be observed? The more you understand about a team’s tactical moves the stronger your chances of winning it turns out to be. 

Look for the head-to-head results

There shall be matches in the World Cup where a team has not faced its opponent in the tournament. But they have surely played during the previous club games. Take into consideration the results and performance of those games to understand which team has a greater advantage over the other.

The lineups of the team

Know about the playing lineup before you place the bet. Learn if the performance of the star placer is high or low. Know about their team manager and also if any player is under a suspension or injury. Knowing all these factors in detail shall help you in making a good analysis of your bet and you shall surely make it more accurate.

The match psychology

And lastly what you need to consider for making a close to correct guess is the psychological and mental factors of the game. Learn about their motivation and their pressures. Know about the highest performing moment and the lowest match moments as well. It is understandable that the team who had given a great performance in the previous match against its opponent shall be highly charged. If such is the case for both teams then analyzing their head-to-head performance shall help you to identify the highs and lows.

Indeed there are multiple factors that play a key role in making a bet accurate and this only develops with the more you practice. So, before you place your bet at World Cup Qatar 2022 it is important that other than going by emotions, check with the facts and make a close analysis.


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