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The Evolution Gaming Live Casino is a very well-established and fast-growing live dealer gaming provider. It puts very much focus on the live casinos. It is the 1st company with special features like lightning roulette special pay-out prize.

Here, the users will find live casinos that are genuinely world-leading & meet the exact needs of each of the operators. You will find the world’s largest selection of tables that will be live for your gaming & the most flexible and easy approach to multi-channel and online delivery.

Evolution Gaming Roulette

Live Roulette

The live roulette of Evolution is very popular. It is considered the most exciting and authentic live dealer roulette that is available online. The biggest number of generic, multiple variants of games, native speakers at the dealer tables, VIP, dual play roulette, and dedicated tables for maximum control over your online brand of yours are provided here. It brings together online and land-based players at the same tables that are on-premise. There are also innovations like immersive roulette, double ball roulette, lightning roulette, instant roulette & speed roulette to provide their licenses with ways that are uniquely engaging for retaining and attracting more players.

Live Blackjack

This site offers the world’s slickest and fastest online live blackjack that has the widest range of blackjack variants! These variants try fulfilling the needs of new players and experienced ones. They include infinite blackjack games, super-fast speed blackjack et cetera. Most tables of blackjack are based on the regular 7-seat blackjack that has the option for betting behind.

The heightened levels of customer service for VIP includes a manager for the VIP room who is present always. In addition, the one who is playing has control over the shuffle, choice of dealer & speed of the game using the button ‘deal now’.

Blackjack party refers to a low-stakes variant of the leading live blackjack, that is complete with a scalable bet behind option. With bubbly chat, the guidance of gaming from the hostess and dealers, and of course music, the focus remains firmly on the enjoyment for the largest number of players.

The bet behind feature allows gamers to place their bets behind 1 or more of the 7 players who are main and seated. It adds huge revenue potential and multiplayer scalability to the seven-seat games. The low Stakes can encourage fresh players to enjoy the thrill of the game.


Evolution craps is one of the most unique and exciting online versions made for craps that the fans of the game enjoy. This unique game is set in beautiful underground studios. It is a fast-paced and lively game with various ways for Betting & even more ways for winning.

This game aims to predict the result of the rolling of 2 dice. The players are updated constantly with their potential winnings. Simultaneously, they can see the number of players who are rooting for that same number.

The numerous features of the game include my numbers, easy mode, tutorial, dynamic statistics, etc. First-person craps are one highly entertaining and beautifully designed RNG version of live craps. It comes with a similar display of my numbers and interactive tutorial as the live craps. It comes with the uniquely built button of ‘go live’ that takes players through in-game portals to the table of Live craps.

On the wall of the studio, you will find the boards of dynamic statistics as they get constantly updated as the players keep placing their bets. The tutorial section provides all the help a player may need for learning the rules & the activities of different bets.

Live Poker

Different variants of poker are offered by evolution gaming. The first one is the unique jackpot-enabled game called Texas hold’em. Multiple players compete here against the dealer for winning pay-outs of up to one hundred to one. Casino hold’em is a five-card poker game where the players play against a house. The goal is to beat the hand of the dealer by getting the hand of the best possible five-card. Other poker games include side bet City, ultimate Texas hold ‘em, three-card poker, Caribbean Stud poker, and so on.

Live Baccarat

With their improved and new live Baccarat, they have taken the suspense and thrill to a whole new level with a Macau-like and world-class gaming experience for each type of player, from most experienced rollers to first-timers. The different available variations are multi-camera Baccarat, Speed Baccarat, lightning Baccarat, no commission Baccarat, dual play Baccarat, Baccarat multiplay, peek Baccarat, golden wealth Baccarat, and so on. The features include pairs of side bets, choice of roads, etc. The big road and Bead Road display the outcomes of each past round. Banker pair and player pair are the two additional options for betting.

Evolution Gaming Super Sic Bo  Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger & Super Sic Bo

Both dragon tiger and super sic bo is captivating, distinctly different, and beautifully simple games. Live dragon tiger is a very easy card game that keeps the players thoroughly engaged. It is fast-paced & it’s set in an environment that is stunningly themed with light effects that are synchronized to the outcomes of the game. The user interface has a wide range of roads and statistics for assisting players who are looking to guess the result of future rounds. The two available side bets are the suited tie and another one is the tie bet. It is often described as the two-card version of the Baccarat game.

Super sic bo refers to the simple and classic dice game that has been made super exciting and reinvented by adding random multipliers. It is a super-engaging version of the ancient game of dice that players new and old will adore. Players need to predict the result of the shaking of 3 standard dice. The number of types of bets that can be placed is surprisingly huge. This has a user interface that is super-engaging & also a high pay-out element of RNG. There are also other interesting games for players to check out.