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Playtech – Leading Live Casino & Online Slot Games Software Provider

Undoubtedly, Playtech is the pioneer in developing games for online casinos. Their software and game development services make them the leading online casino games development brand. Their games are unrivaled, and they are one of the largest and leading online casino software developer brands in the whole world.

Playtech offers licensees with the cutting-edge technologies to boost cross-selling opportunities and player loyalty and yield. Established online operators, sportsbooks and entertainment brands are some of the company’s licensees. Playtech was established in 1999, and is based in Douglas, the United Kingdom.

Origin of Playtech

Playtech might be the leading casino game developer in the world, but it is important to know its origin. The company was founded in the year 1999. The headquarters was established in Tartu, which is the second largest city in a European country called Estonia.

The company was founded and initiated by an intelligent mastermind named Teddy Sagi. He is an Israeli who came up with the brilliant idea of starting an online casino game development company to create casino games in an online format.

It might not seem like a brilliant move for us now, but imaging that Teddy Sagi started Playtech in 1999, which is five years prior to when Facebook was launched. People weren’t even got familiar with the internet back then. But Teddy Sagi made a bold, brave, and intelligent move and created the company which we now call Playtech.

However, the first couple of years weren’t the bed of roses for them. It took the company approximately two years to launch its first casino. After that, it has become somewhat easier for the company as the world has advanced and useful tools have been created along the way that supports the company’s technology.

PlayTech Live Casino Tables

Growth of Playtech

Playtech took two years to publish its first online casino, and it is now one of the biggest and leading online casinos in the whole world. It started with a couple of employees at first, but now it has more than 6,400 employees who are all skillful and contributing their best to create top-tier online casino games.

More than two decades have passed since the company has been one of the largest publicly traded companies on the London Stock Exchange. It has not only become a publicly traded company but it has also been listed on the FTSE 250 index, which consists of the top 250 stocks of the category.

The company has offices established in over 24 countries and has been producing top-rated online casino games. They also have over 170 licenses from the regulatory body that issue licenses to the casino games if they pass the quality check. They also have over 30 regulated jurisdictions.

PlayTech Cross-Platform Management System

The cross-platform management system is one of the prominent accomplishments of the company. The cross-platform management system allows individual users to use multiple platforms with the same login credentials. It combines multiple platforms using a special called IMS, which stands for the unified information system.

When a new user signs up for a platform that is developed and is under Playtech, their login details will be updated on every platform in the same network. By doing so, the patron can enter most of the online casinos and play with the same login credentials. This makes the whole login process much easier and increases interest among the patrons.

There are also other marketing tools, namely the turnkey operational service pack, which helps you to make precise marketing moves with data-driven workflow. These tools will help you enhance and optimize games that are slowing down or outdated. Playtech also offers other tools which increase the gameplay experience many times.