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Ezugi, European Lobby – 5 Interesting Features

The games of Ezugi are streamed from the studios situated in Baltics, Latin America, and eastern Europe. Using cutting-edge data, innovation & a never-ending drive for pushing forward, Ezugi is referred to as the partner that the users need for their best casino experience live.

The latest game: royal poker

The latest game release by the Ezugi company has moved it into the next phase of it by adding several rules and unique features to the standard game of poker. Earlier last month, Ezugi announced the launch of royal poker. As it became part of the company called evolution group in the year 2018, the company of Ezugi moved into New Market based on geography & continues to build its reputation of itself as an agile and bold provider. The game of royal poker is very exciting. It is played against dealers using the rules of standard poker for comparing and ranking hands. This game aims to try to beat the poker hand of the five-card dealer by creating a combination of stronger poker. The game is largely popular in Central and Eastern European markets & it offers multiple opportunities while the game is being played by the players. They can make decisions like buying an additional card as the sixth one, exchanging cards for gaining a stronger hand, taking out insurance for strong hands, buying dealers extra cards for helping them qualify, etc.

Sic Bo

This is a very exciting game that is played with 3 regular dice that have a face value starting from 1 to 6. SicBo’s objective is to guess the result of the three dice that are shaken. You can bet the results of three dice, two dice, one dice, the total & more. You can place your bets of yours across tables with big or small, triple, double, single, total, and any triple & combination bets that are active on each roll. The features of the game include immersive gameplay that comes from the dedicated SicBo room. Highly trained professional and experienced dealers. Available on both mobile and desktop. An innumerable number of players, dealer tipping, etc.

Ott Andar bahar

Ezugi, the world’s first live casino, can proudly introduce the game called OTT Andar bahar which is streamed live & in a room that is fully HD from the opulent and beautiful casino Marina that is situated in Sri Lanka’s Colombo. It is their most popular game that is in Indian style. It is now available to players in Ott format & brings more betting opportunities. The players will be more excited & it will be an incredible experience for the players who love the atmosphere of mortar casinos and bricks and the noise. Important features include its availability 24 * 7, the inclusion of eight side bets, availability on mobile and desktop, dealer tipping, innumerable number of players, and a favorite for Indian players.

Lucky 7

This is an exciting and simple game. In this game, the objective is to predict the next card that is dealt and say if it will be 7 down or 7 Up, that is below 7 or above 7 or 7. It also offers side bets such as the prediction of the next dealt card being black (spades, clubs) or red (hearts, diamonds). Predict if the card that is dealt next will be even or odd. The features include availability on mobile and desktop 24 * 7, the inclusion of four side bets, dealer tipping, an innumerable number of players, etc.

Teen Patti

This is a game of cards that originated in the subcontinent of India & is popular throughout Asia in the south. The game is similar to the game in English named Three-card brag. The influences are taken from poker & which is very simple to master.

The player’s three cards & the dealer’s three cards are the only cards that participate in every game round. The objective of this game is from the point of view of the player and it’s to have hands that are stronger than that of the dealers. The basic rule of poker is followed by hand strength. However, for qualifying, the dealer must get the card of Queen or higher within the three cards that are dealt.

The provider named Ezugi has brought this game directly from the flagship studio situated in Romania. It will bring added joy and excitement to the players. This game is grouped under the section of poker in the lobby. Not only is the standard game offered to bet on, but each player will also get the option for betting on two side bets, 3 + 3 side bets that introduces more excitement and betting opportunity in each round of the game.


This game is very in-demand and is considered 1 of the oldest casino games. It is popular amongst high rollers and first-timers alike & is especially favored by Asian gamblers. The game appears sophisticated and serious on the outside. But in reality, it is very easy to master. The players get the opportunity to participate in the game in real-time with the players that are real. It can be played anywhere they like including mobile apps, tablets, and feature-rich desktops. It features classic roadmaps to keep track of trends, unlimited players, numerous social tools, and side bets. All of this increases playing time and player involvement and enhance the experience.


Ezugi is the premier provider of live Keno. It is broadcast from a studio in Latvia. The user interface that is offered is of high-quality that and ensures the Smoothest action. It also has an innumerable number of players who can get in the action at once.

The players are provided with the potential pay-out and odds of them as in the original format of it & it is based on the amount of bet the players choose. Best of all, the keno numbers of Ezugi are drawn live not by an RNG but by professional dealers.